Chicago Professional Painters

Mission Statement:

Our painting company and painters working for us are committed to providing thorough, consistent and professional quality painting work to all Chicago and Chicago-land area customers.

Our focus specifically on Chicago region helps ensure regular close supervision of company projects. To further enhance the experience, we strive to be flexible, courteous, diplomatic, helpful, and reasonable.

Being reasonable, in our understanding, for any company, means providing adequate or better work for the money. We believe there are two extremes on the painter market--the unreasonably high-priced and the unreasonably low-priced painters. The former should be doing more for what they charge, and the latter even though low-cost, also have a low-cost attitude, which is "paint it over, get paid, get out". Unfortunately, very often trusting residential customers are attracted by the lower cost and hire such painters. It is obvious that no one is willing to work for a minimal wage, so low-cost painters learn to cut corners at every opportunity. Good painter must adhere to industry standards, and low-cost painters tend to ignore them. The result is an inferior painting job, which rarely looks good and certainly never lasts. In a season or two, the unsuspecting homeowner is forced to call someone again because it peeled off, too quickly even for Chicago climate. Then a cheap painter suddenly is not so cheap on average. They cost Chicago homeowners more per year than Essex Painting company or other reasonably priced company, sometimes even more than the high-priced ones, because the owner has to call them so often. Add to that the sheer inconvenience of having painters around the house for weeks, the finish that constantly peels, and the conclusion is, as also recommended by consumer guides, it's better to hire a painter whose charges are not "too low to be true" or extremely incompetitive.

Through the years we established a reputation for doing professional quality work and the ability to continuously satisfy customer needs.

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